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Business For Sale #7813 Generic Pharmaceutical Company dealing in OTC Drugs based in Ukriaine

- Sector - Pharma
- Location - Ukriaine
- OTC Drugs
- One of the market leaders in OTC Drugs
- ISO 9001 Certified;
- 13 trademarks have been registered and 7 of them are for medicines;
- 3 additional medicine trademarks have been submitted;
- New equipment set in operation in 2015;
- The range of company products is represented by 55 items;
- Current production is 66 million product items a year.
- Most drugs are OTC with few requiring an Rx since Ukraine is mostly Rx free.
- 15 drugs unique to company have gone through clinical trials and about half have been patented.
- 2 new drugs being released this Summer.
- 15 new drugs planned to be released through 2018.
- Company’s drugs are sold in 5,000 pharmacies using company's own sales force of 50 reps throughout the country.

- Any drug approved by USA, Canada, Switzerland, EU, Japan, Australia can immediately sell its products in Ukraine without further approval requirements.
- Distribution system is in place to expand additional products of potential buyer.
- 50 nationwide company sales people calling on pharmacies and physicians;
- Company staffs local, regional and national sales managers;
- Buyer can expand upon a solid nationwide distribution network already in-place;
- The largest Ukrainian distributors are a part of this network.
- Company products are sold to distributors who in turn sell to pharmacies who then retail company's products. Almost all the Ukrainian pharmacies have the company's products in their product range;
- Excellent opportunity for buyer to introduce own products through the in-place distribution network

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