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GSTN is introducing two-factor authentication (2FA) for taxpayers to strengthen the login security in GST portal. The pilot rollout has been done for a state of Haryana and working seamlessly. Currently, 2FA will be rolled out for Punjab, Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Delhi in 1st phase. In 2nd phase, it is planned to be rolled out all states across India.

Taxpayers would need to provide one-time password (OTP) post entering user id and password, the OTP will be delivered to their Primary Authorized Signatory “Mobile number and E-mail id”.

Tax-payers are requested to keep their email and mobile number of authorized signatory updated on the GST Portal for receiving the OTP communication. This OTP would only be asked, in case the tax-payer changes the system (desktop or laptop or browser) and location.

The solution would be rolled out from 1st of December’2023.

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