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Visak helps high-wealth individuals and families. With an experienced team, we ensure your assets are well-managed and you can continue to make wise investments over time.

At VFSL, we enable high net worth families and individuals to ensure their wealth is managed for the long-term. Their comprehensive family office service provides a diverse range of financial solutions, such as investment management, advanced tax planning strategies, estate planning advice and philanthropic opportunities -all tailored specifically towards optimising one's legacy.

When it comes to fund planning, a family office can help in several ways:

  • Investment strategy: A family office can help develop an investment strategy that aligns with the family's goals and objectives. This may involve diversifying investments across different asset classes, managing risk, and optimizing returns.
  • Asset allocation: A family office can help determine the appropriate allocation of assets based on the family's risk tolerance, time horizon, and liquidity needs. This can help ensure that the family's assets are well-balanced and optimized for growth.
  • Tax planning: A family office can help minimize tax liabilities by developing tax-efficient strategies, such as setting up trusts, gifting, and charitable giving.
  • Estate planning: A family office can help plan for the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next by developing an estate plan that takes into account the family's unique circumstances and objectives.
  • Philanthropy: A family office can help the family identify and support charitable causes that align with their values and objectives. This may involve developing a philanthropic plan, identifying giving opportunities, and managing charitable assets.

Overall, a family office can provide valuable expertise, resources, and guidance for fund planning, helping high net worth families optimize their wealth and achieve their financial goals.

Consult us if you plan to create your own family office. Do send us your Enquiry and we will come back to you with a customized first free call. If you wish to visit our office, please book an appointment, either by sending an email on info@vfsl.net or call us on +91-79-48973835.