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Visak performs a year-end critical analysis of an entity's annual accounts to meet precise tax planning objectives.

Thorough tax planning is essential for small and mid-size entities to ensure their accounts are compliant with the latest laws before year end. Our service offers critical analysis of annual records, helping businesses stay ahead of the curve when it comes to effective fiscal strategies.

Different Entity will have different set of possible Tax Planning Avenues. VFSL has identified the following step regarding Tax Planning Avenues:

  • Review the financial statements: The first step is to review the financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. This will help identify trends in revenues, expenses, and cash flows.
  • Identify tax implications: Review the financial statements to identify any tax implications, such as the need to make tax payments or to take advantage of tax deductions and credits.
  • Review the accounts receivable and accounts payable: Review the accounts receivable and accounts payable to determine if there are any outstanding payments or invoices that need to be paid before year-end.
  • Analyze inventory: Analyze inventory to determine if there are any write-offs that need to be made before year-end to minimize taxes.
  • Review capital expenditures: Review capital expenditures to determine if there are any assets that can be depreciated or written off to minimize taxes.
  • Review employee benefits and compensation: Review employee benefits and compensation to determine if there are any opportunities to maximize deductions or credits.
  • Review tax laws: Review tax laws to determine if there are any changes that will affect the entity's tax position and to take advantage of any new tax planning strategies.

By conducting a year-end critical analysis of an entity's annual accounts, an entity can identify opportunities to minimize taxes and maximize deductions and credits. VFSL’s Finance & Tax Experts would help you to avail maximum available tax benefits basis applicable laws. This service on year to year basis, will improve the financial health and in turn the valuation of the entity.

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