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Visak provides advisory and innovative financial solutions to clients seeking more modern options to optimize their long-term objectives.

Structured finance advisory services facilitate tailored solutions to meet the unique financial goals of clients. We combine specialized expertise and practical experience with a variety of sophisticated instruments, including derivatives, asset-backed securities, and collateralized debt obligations – designed to help you reach your objectives.

At VFSL, our team provides financial guidance to clients who are met with familiar, yet outdated products from banks and institutions. We often observe that these conventional services may no longer be suitable for businesses seeking support in their current growth phase - suggesting the need for a comprehensive assessment of existing solutions.

VFSL has bifurcated the Structured Financial Services as,

Structuring and arranging financing solutions for clients, including debt and equity securities, and other hybrid instruments. Advising clients on the use of financial instruments to manage risks associated with their businesses, such as interest rate and currency risks. Assisting clients with the acquisition, securitization, and management of assets, such as real estate or loans. Developing and executing complex financial transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and recapitalizations. Providing expert analysis and advice on regulatory and accounting issues related to structured finance.

Overall, structured finance advisory services are designed to help clients achieve their financial objectives by providing them with tailored solutions that take into account their unique circumstances and risk appetite.

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