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Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) is a range of financial consulting services provided by financial experts at VFSL to help businesses evaluate, structure, and execute strategic transactions. These transactions can include mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, restructuring, and capital raising.

Financial experts at VFSL hold the background in accounting, finance, investment banking, and corporate finance typically provide transaction advisory services. They work closely with businesses to provide advice and support on various aspects of transactions, including financial due diligence, valuation, transaction structuring, negotiation support, and post-transaction integration.

Some common examples of transaction advisory services provided by financial experts at VFSL sinclude:

  • Financial due diligence: Financial experts review and analyse the financial statements and operational metrics of a business to identify any financial or operational risks that could impact the transaction.
  • Valuation services: Financial experts provide valuation services to help businesses determine the fair market value of the assets or the enterprise value of a business.
  • M&A advisory: Financial experts help businesses evaluate potential merger and acquisition opportunities, identify potential targets, and provide transaction structuring and negotiation support.
  • Capital raising: Financial experts help businesses raise capital by identifying potential funding sources, developing financial models, and creating investment memorandums.
  • Restructuring advisory: Financial experts provide advice and support to businesses that are undergoing restructuring or reorganization, including debt restructuring, divestiture of non-core assets, and operational restructuring.

Overall, transaction advisory services provided by financial experts can help businesses navigate complex transactions and make informed decisions to achieve their strategic goals.