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Visak has launched a pioneering solution for businesses who lack capacity to employ a full-time financial expert but desire access to untapped opportunities in their work profile.

Professional virtual CFO services are a great solution for small businesses seeking the expertise of multilingual professionals with practical experience and analytic training. The position, known as an "Officer" in Companies Act 2013, is highly sought after in corporate settings due to its importance - yet is out of reach financially for smaller enterprises.

However, these same companies do not have to sacrifice quality by turning away from this valuable resource when they seek cost-efficient virtual CFOs who provide them access to the professional skillset required without breaking their budgets. Read more about our Corporate Virtual CFO Services & Startup CFO Services, and how we at VFSL can help you!

At VFSL, we recognize that organizational success requires both technical and managerial expertise. Our Outsourced Virtual CFO Services for Small Business and SMEs provide comprehensive support with various professionals working together to address non-routine issues promptly for a smooth operation. Our professional CFO consultants and financial consultants encompass Chartered Accountants, Forensic Accountants, Information System Auditors, Concurrent Bank Auditors, Law Professionals, Accountants and Tax Experts, ensuring clients have access to the most informed decision-making.

We hereby present our clients and prospects with Virtual CFO Package, which is applicable for turnover up to ₹50.00 crores {approx. Upto GBP 5.00M million or approx. $6.25M}

Indicative Services Type of Package
Standard Package Skilled Package Expert & Skilled Package
Monthly MIS – Analysis of the monthly Profit & Loss & Balance-sheet by way of written report. Included Included Included
Representing Before Bankers on Regular basis and accompanying with the directors in the meeting with the bankers for routine proposal Included Included Included
Attending Monthly Board Meeting as Invitee and extending Strategic suggestions. Not Included Included Included
Representing the entity before the statutory authorities. Not Included Included Included
Vetting of Important Legal Documents Not Included Not Included Included
Financial Structuring for raising additional working capital – discussion with the directors and CFO. Not Included Not Included Included
Financial vetting of new project – 2 times / per year. Not Included Not Included Included